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LED Photo Therapy


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Blue light with the peak intensity at 455 nm. We Have Two Variant . One Is With Hours Meter . Two Is Without Hours Meter Over Surface Is Variable Height Up To 12 Inch. 6mm Thick Transparent Acrylic Up Dowan lockabal Side Panel Mounted On Swivel Castors (50mm)

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The light is free from unwanted UV and IR radiation and is produced by LED that intensity level for 20,000 hours . With Timer. Light from LED is focused on the baby bed, avoiding scatter into the care provider space. attache Di attache Trolley For Using Over Surface using Fame Winner I DESIGN AWARD 2014 Fame Winner CII DESIGN AWARD 2014


An effective technology leads baby toward safe Zone of life with maximum recovery with minimum time. Dev Bio Care develop LED Phototherapy to provide intense blue light for effective treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubin. Give newborns the care they deserve with Shlok - LED Phototherapy.